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Case Studies and Project Profiles

Success stories using our System for Success.

Every project that comes through the doors of Action Floor Systems receives our utmost attention. And, we’re proud of each and every one.

Our System for Success focuses our experience, dedication, and innovation from beginning to end to meet that particular customer’s flooring needs. Each project is unique and requires a fresh approach to determine which Action Floor System is best for the performance needs, timing, and budget.

The featured projects below contain the problem, the process, and the results along with input from those involved and the ability to download a project overview sheet. Click on a project of interest to reveal complete details.

hart county high school gym floor

April 30, 2019

Making a Bright Statement with a New Maple Sports Floor

Learn the motivations and reasons Hart County High School chose certain types of flooring products for its renovation, and about a special dedication to the former superintendent.

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geary bret harte hardwood floors

October 12, 2018

Case Study: Transitioning from a Synthetic Court to Hardwood Sports Flooring

Discover how an Action Floors dealer helped a California high school find an efficient way to update an old synthetic sports floor to a high-quality hardwood maple court.

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fencing gym court by action floors

October 8, 2018

Case Study: State-of-the-Art Sports Floor for Columbia University Fencing

Radical Fencing, a creator of portable resilient floating floor systems, and Action Floors helped provide a new floor for the Columbia University fencing team.

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