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MFMA PUR Standards

The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association’s Performance and Uniformity Rating (MFMA PUR) standards measure key attributes of a floor system:

  • shock absorption
  • vertical deflection
  • area of deflection
  • ball bounce
  • surface friction

These standards have been designed utilizing ASTM test standards to ensure customers receive a reliable and quality competitive sports surface.

Action Floor Systems offers many MFMA PUR compliant floor systems. An athletic sports surface can only be certified by third party testing agencies to meet the exact requirements of the MFMA and be PUR compliant.

To be certified as a MFMA PUR compliant athletic floor system, the floor system must pass every PUR standard listed below:

  • Shock Absorption 50% minimum average +/- 5% (ASTM F2569-07)
  • Area of Deflection 20% maximum at all test points = 20% (ASTM F2157-09)
  • Basketball Rebound 93% minimum average +/- 3% (ASTM F2117-10)
  • Vertical Deflection 2.3mm minimum average +/- 0.5mm (ASTM F2157-09)
  • Surface Friction 0.6 minimum +/- 0.1 (ASTM D 2047)

For further clarification or discussion about MFMA PUR Standards, please contact Action Floors at 800.746.3512.