7 Ways to Use Artificial Grass at Your Sports Facility

For many athletes, the feel of playing on grass is unmatched. But, what about when inclement weather prevents players from using outdoor spaces? Thanks to skilled sports surface manufacturers, there’s a winning solution: premium indoor turf.

Benefits of Vinyl Gym Flooring

Consider vinyl gym flooring for gymnasiums and multipurpose spaces of all sizes. This resilient athletic flooring can mimic hardwood for a classic gym floor look while also providing comfort and shock absorption for athletes.

How to Avoid Pickleball Injuries

The Sports and Fitness Industry Association has named pickleball the fastest growing sport in the United States with over four million people now playing. With this rise in popularity, there are also more people susceptible to pickleball injuries.

Rehabbing Your Court for Pickleball

Pickleball is growing rapidly, with new pickleball courts appearing in schools, senior living facilities and parks. Here’s how you can rehab your court for durability and player safety.

4 Ways to Maintain Your School’s Gymnasium Floor During COVID-19

Gymnasium maintenance crews may be questioning their routine care plans. Are the routine cleaning programs sufficient in protecting students and staff from the spread of COVID-19? Is routine care even needed if the school has transitioned to a virtual format?