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Flooring for Schools

Sharing our expert knowledge. Exploring your flooring options.

Each school has its own unique flooring needs, often determined by school size (large to small) and budget (also large to small). Yet, there’s so much more to consider: safety, performance, durability, functionality, color and, most of all, how that school’s indoor environment connects with students and instructors to inspire learning.

With so many options, your planning can feel downright daunting. With Action Floor Systems® as your trusted guide, you’ll have an experienced resource that goes beyond simple aesthetics to explore how flooring maximizes design flexibility and maintains healthy indoor air quality.

Find your school flooring need(s) below. And, don’t miss the case studies, which highlight specific challenges and how Action Floors made that school’s learning environment better.


A gymnasium can be the heart of a school and serve as a central location for indoor sports and physical education. All of our sports floor options are designed for high performance, consistency and good shock absorption, making players less likely to play tentatively while minimizing the potential for an injury.

Case Studies

John Gray High School
Challenges with the Cayman Islands’ first-and-only major wood floor gym.
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St. Mary’s High School
Gym floor take 2. The demands this time are simple: longevity and no headaches.
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Yuba College
Effective and reliable replacement of a hardwood maple basketball court.
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Weight Room

Flooring for a weight room must meet unique performance requirements: easy to clean and hygienic, durable and high-impact resilient, easy to install and, to prevent this sweat-soaked floor from quickly becoming smelly, a nonporous surface coating.

Case Studies

Unity Christian High School
The right flooring after constructing a bigger, updated facility, including weight room, gym and track.
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Locker Room

Epoxy flooring is perfect for school locker rooms and restrooms because it’s extremely durable, easy to clean, requires minimal maintenance and provides anti-slip features. There’s nowhere for nasty germs to hide on seamless and nonporous epoxy flooring. Plus, different sheens and color combinations allow school spirit to shine.


Priority #1 in hallways and corridors is always heavy foot traffic. These demanding flooring areas should be able to take a beating while being as inviting and slip-resistant as possible. Cutting down on noise and visually enhancing hallways are also considerations.

Case Studies

Hurley High School
The right flooring can reduce allergy issues, enhance learning and make janitorial work more efficient.
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Students thrive within learning environments that inspire achievement. That includes classroom flooring, from bright and shiny to natural and classic. Action Floor Systems has options that hit all the right notes: affordability, sustainability, easy installation and janitor-friendly.

Case Studies

Hurley High School
An affordable, seamless and environmentally friendly surface updated classroom floors while minimizing interruption of daily routines.
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All-Purpose Room

With so many possible activities being held in all-purpose rooms, consider flooring that handles heavy traffic, is easy to clean and is resistant to stains, slips and scuffs. Often, the activity in this room will quickly change from serving food to staff meetings to pep rallies. Durability, comfort and cleaning are all vital to keep in mind.


Similar to a gymnasium, a performance stage needs to be shock-absorbent and uniform, allowing for heavy physical usage. Yet, even more than a gym floor, a stage requires simple cleaning of many materials and props. Lastly, sound is critical; flooring must enhance spoken-word shows as well as music-heavy performances.

Running Track

To maximize comfort and joint protection for athletes, indoor tracks may feature a special shock absorbent underlayment with a wear-resistant top coating. Spike-resistant sports flooring also allows student athletes to train using the same cleats they wear during competition.

Case Studies

Unity Christian High School
This elevated indoor track can handle cleats and even rollerblades.
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Tennis Court

Gone are the days of asphalt with some lines painted on it. Students need the benefits of good shock absorption combined with high performance and toughness. The right surface can dry quickly after rainy weather, making it playable and less slippery faster than traditional surfaces. Lastly, a polyurethane top-coating keeps it resistant to weather and UV damage.


From hardwood flooring to synthetic options, a multi-use athletic facility requires the proper flooring system or combination of surfaces for the best performance and maximum safety. Of course, shock and sound absorption and equipment protection are designed into the system.


Specific activities need flooring that complements that activity. Computer labs generate a lot of static electricity. The best teachers’ lounges are inviting and relaxing. Research labs should be safe and easy to clean. Action Floors offers flooring options for educational spaces subjected to heavy foot traffic as well as chairs/desks/tables.

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