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Dance Studio & Stage Flooring Systems

We know that the safety of performers and athletes is critical and directly related to the quality of the floor system on which they perform. We offer a variety of options that fit the aesthetics of the environment while meeting performance needs unique to stage flooring for dance, acting and performing, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and spin.

Dance Studio Flooring

Fitting a number of activities and applications, these floor systems provide ultimate stability and resilience.

Anchored Resilient

Floating Resilient

Performance Stage Flooring

For theatres that require a stage that can endure more rigor, this collection of floor systems is perfect for the stability and strength expectations.

Anchored Resilient


Basic Stage Flooring

We have identified floor systems that are ideal for general stage use and work well to meet your theatre needs.

Anchored Resilient



Let’s discuss your dance or stage flooring needs!

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