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Maple Sport Floors

We offer a variety of hard maple floor systems perfect for sports such as basketball, volleyball, and racquetball. We will work with you to identify which systems best match your project specifications and fit your facility and budget requirements.


See Maple Sport flooring Systems

Synthetic Floors

We offer a full line of synthetic floor systems to meet the changing needs of our customers. Whether you need polyurethane, vinyl or rubber, we will help identify the best system for your project.


See Synthetic Flooring Systems

Commercial, Industrial, and Decorative Floors

Our complete line of commercial, industrial and decorative floor systems are built to endure while offering a large variety of aesthetic options. Ideal for areas that experience high levels of traffic, we will advise on which system best matches your building’s needs.

See Commercial, Industrial, and Decorative Floor Systems

Dance Studio & Stage Systems

We know the safety and performance of those in theatre are critical and are directly related to the quality of the stage floor. We work with theatres to provide options that best fit the aesthetics of the theater and deliver on performance expectations.


See Dance Studio & Stage Systems

Quality System Components

Our Hardwood Premium Sheathing (HPS) maximizes the performance of your floor and provides the consistency you expect from a sports floor system.

See HPS Overview

Floor Cover

Our advanced protection system is easy to use and efficiently covers your valuable flooring.

Floor Cover

Legacy Systems

These systems have provided the basis of design for our current sport floor systems. Their traditional features and specifications make them our proven, legacy systems.

See Legacy Flooring Systems

Basketball Flooring

From permanent to portable, wood to synthetic, we provide options to meet the performance requirements your floor system needs.


Flooring for Schools

We know schools have unique needs. That’s why we believe it is important to work with you to identify the appropriate wood or synthetic system to deliver the performance you require.