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Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools

An Architect’s Guide to Specifying Healthy Solutions

Half of the nation’s 115,000 schools have issues related to indoor air quality. Research has proven that a major contributor of indoor air pollutants come from the building materials and furnishings used.

When architects and school officials select materials and products and design a school with a healthy indoor environment in mind, it can make a big difference. Find out how in our e-book.

Get Your Copy of the Indoor Air Quality for Schools Guide


In this e-book from the sports flooring experts at Action Floor Systems – along with insights from indoor air quality specialists from around the country, including experts from Harvard University, Colorado State University, and the Green Schools National Network – you’ll discover the importance of indoor air quality and how to reduce pollutants.

  • How indoor air quality affects student learning
  • What contributes to indoor air pollution
  • How architects and school officials can reduce pollutants
  • What types of flooring products support healthy environments
  • Third-party certifications that give decision makers peace of mind

Visit our Architects Resource Center to get sports floor system specifications and data sheets now.