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Sustainable Flooring

Our environmental commitment elevates your projects.

The core of what we do at Action Floor Systems is our long-standing sustainability commitment; a holistic approach that creates eco-friendly solutions on so many levels.

  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Conserving energy; full utilization of all raw materials at our zero-waste mill
  • Global and national environmental affiliations
  • Verified adherence to ISO 14064-1 (2006) standards
  • The industry’s first—and only—MFMA-accredited mill that meets all environmental and performance measures for Carbon Negative certification
  • LEED point opportunities with our FSC®-certified maple and Action Herculan synthetic products

Leading sustainability in the flooring industry

To lead environmental efforts in any industry requires complete commitment. Action Floors lives and breathes sustainability on every level: offering environmentally friendly products; conserving energy; maximizing resource yield with full utilization of all raw materials; joining global initiatives; ensuring the well-being of our people.

Our efforts ensure clean, sustainable manufacturing practices, assess environmental impacts and establish groundbreaking best practices. This has earned us industry’s first — and only — Carbon Negative certification, based on a Life Cycle Assessment conducted by the University of Wisconsin and Carbon Clear, an international independent auditor of manufacturing carbon profiles.

In addition, Action Floors is the only MFMA-accredited mill to meet all of the Carbon Negative certification’s vital environmental and performance measures. Yes, the ONLY mill. Our efforts are substantiated and credible as verified by third-party International Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards, regional certifications and the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change protocols.

Our focus on innovation, product quality, responsible manufacturing practices and sustainability is further reflected in Action Floors’ own exclusive certification criteria: “SCORES.” SCORES stands for Sustainable Construction Of Renewable Engineered Surfaces and truly reflects our commitment to sustainability. SCORES is a set of criteria that evaluate our products and processes and is something our customers can use to ultimately match the lifecycle of their new Action Floor systems to the life spans of their buildings.

Learn more about SCORES >

Click the sustainability initiatives below for more details. And, don’t miss the blog posts, which highlight how these specific eco-friendly achievements can boost your next project.

Forestry Management

We take great pride in our commitment to sustainable forestry practices. Since we depend on sustaining our forests, we support professional, proven forestry practices that maintain healthy, sustainable forests. read more >


Our push for minimizing environmental impact from all aspects of the manufacturing process is driven by our third party-verifiable SCORES program: Sustainable, Construction, Of, Renewable, Engineered, Surfaces. read more >

Carbon Negative

Action has been certified as a Carbon Negative provider following a Life Cycle Assessment conducted by the University of Wisconsin and Carbon Clear, an international independent auditor of manufacturing carbon profiles. We are the only MFMA-accredited mill to receive this credential.

BLOG POST: “What Does It Mean to be Carbon-Negative Certified?”—From reducing waste to conserving energy, encouraging sustainable efforts helps us maintain our quality of life. read more >

See Action Floors’ Carbon Negative Certificate.


We believe reducing what goes into the environment starts with knowing what goes into our products. Therefore, we are proud to share our Environmental Product Declaration® (EPD). read more >

BLOG POST: “Why EPD® Certification Matters”—How this global certification is changing the way industries across the world operate. read more >


The most recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) standard for flooring interior materials and adhesives, this certification focuses on specific products within a company to assess the amount of gasses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being emitted by the tested products. read more >

BLOG POST: “Why We’re Proud to be FloorScore®-Certified”—More companies than ever are taking the global initiative to become more sustainable. read more >

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Healthier Building Practices

As green building continues to evolve, more emphasis is being placed on the construction of structures that are sustainable AND healthier. Discover the financial and environmental benefits of green building practices, including employee productivity and general mental health improvement. read more >