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Hardwood Premium Sheathing

For wood subflooring that stands up to the day-in, day-out rigors of athletic use, Hardwood Premium Sheathing (HPS) is your answer. HPS panels are constructed of pure hardwood and produced with resins that minimize moisture migration. The result is a tough, lasting subfloor that installs easily, stays flat and ends warping and bowing concerns. Year after year, HPS delivers trouble-free service and minimal maintenance.

Winning Features

  • Sustainably harvested hardwood
  • No-urea-formaldehyde resins allows HPS to classify as Low-Emitting Material Composite Wood
  • Ultrasonic scanning detects any voids or defects in the sheathing, which are then removed from production, ensuring a stronger and more consistent panel
  • All panels are free of voids which can weaken sheathing, reduce the fastener holding power and lessen the uniformity of the floor system, which sometimes occurs with plywood or OSB
  • Each HPS panel is sanded on one side to create a smooth face and further ensure consistent thickness; the uniform thickness of HPS adds to the consistency, playability and performance of the floor system
  • HPS panels are true 15/32″ (12 mm) or 23/32″ (19mm) thick APA exposure 1 rated sheathing for optimal strength and stability
    • Minimum APA span rating of 32/16* for 15/32″ panel
    • Minimum APA span rating of 48/24* for 23/32″ panel
  • APA allowable live loads
    • 70 psf for 15/32″ panel
    • 170 psf for 23/32″ panel

“I have worked closely with Action Floors for seven years. The recent innovation of HPS has many of the qualities I look for in a wood subfloor design.”

Howard Blaisdell, Project Architect
Moody Nolan

“I have specified Action Floors for a number of years due to their solid reputation for quality and continuous improvement.  The recent incorporation of HPS subflooring systems provides another example of Action striving to bring new products to market to satisfy the need of the end users and architectural community.”

Allen J. Cradler, AIA, CSI, CCS, LEED AP BD+C, Principal
Fanning Howey

“Since we began using the HPS subfloor, we have floors that are laying more flat due to the laser skip sanding of the Hardwood Premium Subfloor. There are also no voids in the panels, as is common with the plywood subfloor, thus offering a much superior product.”

Tony Stalford, Owner
The Final Floor, Inc.

“I have been installing floors for approximately 40 years and always dreaded the jobs that required the use of CDX plywood. All it ever reminded me of was a bag of potato chips, because no matter what thickness it never laid flat. Whenever you walked on it before it was fastened, it always moved around and was always a challenge to line it up to fasten it. The HPS material has made me look forward to these jobs since it lays so flat, stays in place when not fastened and can be walked on without movement at any time.”

Murray Forth, Owner
Forth Sport Floors, Inc.

“Since using the HPS subfloor material, our crews have demanded it on every job. It lays flat, the edges are true and the performance is consistent throughout every panel. It outperforms plywood in every category.”

Michael A. DiNatale, Owner
F. J. Roberts Sports Floors

“Upon our initial shipment of HPS our Superintendent was skeptical based on the appearance. After completing one project with HPS, our Superintendent and installers were adamant that they wanted HPS on every project moving forward. HPS provides consistent thickness, square edges, and the product lays perfectly flat, resulting in a more solid subfloor that you can feel underfoot. Because it lays so flat, the pads have better contact with the substrate, maple lays flatter, and floor sands better, making for a higher quality end product and installation from top to bottom. I feel this product is superior in every way to traditional CDX Plywood for use in wood athletic flooring construction, and is one of the few, truly innovative changes our industry has seen in years.  I prefer it be used on all projects shipped to Sport Floors, Inc. in the future.”

Brent Kelosky, Owner
Sport Floors Inc.

For more information about Hardwood Premium Sheathing, email us at or call us at (800) 746-3512.

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