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Action Herculan SR (Spike Resistant)

The Action Herculan SR 10 + 4 system consists of a soft, shock-absorbent underlayment which is provided with a very strong and elastic top layer with a wear-resistant, flexible top coating. This combination makes the system very suitable for indoor athletics when spiked shoes are worn. Running tracks, as well as other high-traffic, high-use areas, benefit from Action Herculan SR due to attributes of this floor system. The high shock absorption also provides comfort to the athlete which reduces the likelihood of injury. This system can be used for other indoor sports as well, such as basketball or volleyball.

System Summary:

  • Seamless, cushioned, multifunctional
  • EN 14904 tested
  • Non-porous = hygienic and easy to clean
  • Quickly and economically resurfaced when required
  • Approved for use with spiked shoes

For questions regarding this product, email us at or call us at (800) 746-3512.

System Specifications Documents

  • Action Herculan SR 10+4 pdf doc

System Data Sheets

  • Action Herculan Color Chart pdf
(Section 09 67 66) Action Herculan SR (Spike Resistant)
Fluid Applied Athletic Flooring