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Sometimes the simplest flooring projects end up being the ones we’re most proud of. Such is the case with the basketball court floor installed in late 2021 at the Micmac Emergency Center near Presque Isle, a remote region of northern Maine. By combining the ideal flooring system for the job with the imagery of a regional artist, the Aroostook Band of Micmacs created a facility that’s not only multifunctional, but beautiful as well.

When Lewis McEacharn, construction manager at Dunbar and Brawn Construction, contacted FJ Roberts–AASG Sports Surfaces, Inc. about the 4,200 square-foot project, the flooring pros at FJ Roberts immediately knew Action Floors would be the experts to turn to for the ideal solution. According to Jim Berrigan, FJ Roberts’ director of sales and marketing, “We’ve had a great relationship with Action Floors for several years, so we knew their high-quality products and expertise would help us do the job right.”

Choosing the Proper Flooring System for the Facility

Initially, the debate over the best flooring solution vacillated between a rubberized system, like Action Reflex Rolled, or one of the many Action Herculan™ Sport “pad and pour” systems. While either would be an excellent choice, the Architect, Dan Miller of TAC Architects, finally settled on the Action Herculan™ MF (multifunction) urethane system for the job. Dan had previously used the Herculan MF on a project in Bangor, Maine and was familiar with its durability, performance, and water resistance. These qualities made it a clear contender from the start, but its ability to also serve as the perfect canvas for striking midcourt graphics ultimately made it the winner.

Herculan Flooring System Provides the Ideal Canvas for a Midcourt Mural

In a project of this size, cost constraints often prevent customers from adding the amazing midcourt murals seen in larger educational and professional facilities. In this case, however, the group discovered something surprising: Ace Ferrell, a talented artist and member of the installation team, had family ties to the community. Bolstered by his love of the region and its people, Ferrell enthusiastically agreed to add his artistic flair to the project and got to work developing the perfect image for the middle of the floorWith the system chosen and the final appearance of the floor in good hands, the installation crew got to work laying down the 7mm recycled rubber mat on top of the concrete subfloor. This layer provides shock absorption and durability while also creating porous substrate for proper adhesion of the Herculan MF product. Once in place, the surface was sealed and a coating of urethane poured over the top. Skilled professionals then raked it to the proper 2mm depth.

To ensure proper curing, the surface was left untouched for 24 hours. Once cured, the team returned to apply the court lines and, of course, Ferrell was finally able to get to work on his midcourt masterpiece: a colorful image depicting tribal symbols of the local Micmac tribe.

The Result: A Quality Basketball Court with a Seamless Surface

With the floor now complete, it’s clear that the effort was worth it. The client, as well as the local Presque Isle residents, love the new basketball court. The FJ Roberts team couldn’t be happier with the outcome. “This installation is one of the best we’ve ever done,” says Berrigan. “The topcoat came out extremely smooth and the logo added an awesome touch of detail that really makes the floor pop.”

The project wasn’t without its challenges, however. Berrigan admits, “It would have been a much easier project closer to home. The six-hour drive from Boston to the remote wooded region of Presque Isle created some unexpected logistical considerations as well as adding the expense of food and lodging for the crew.”

Despite the difficulties that arose from traveling between the two locations, it’s obvious that FJ Roberts and Action Floors were the right combination of people, products, and experience needed to make this simple flooring project something the Presque Isle residents would be proud of.

Looking for innovative alternatives for your next flooring or sports surface project? Speak with an expert at Action Floor Systems to learn more about creative solutions that will help make your plans a reality. Contact us today to get started.

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