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Lakeland Fitness & Golf Installs Multiple Flooring Types Throughout New Facility

Fitness Center Flooring

A new sports facility is an important asset for any community. Not only does it provide a place for people to exercise and improve their health, it also is a social space where community members can interact in a positive way. But to build one, many decisions and a lot of planning must take place. Owners and architects must consider the general layout of the facility, how large the spaces will be, and the types of activities it will feature, such as weightlifting and running. These considerations lead to decisions about details like the kinds of flooring needed to properly support each area.

One such facility, Lakeland Fitness & Golf, will open this year in Woodruff, Wisconsin, offering an athletic resource to the community’s approximately 2,000 residents. Since Woodruff is a smaller city, this facility will be a major hub of social and athletic activity for its residents.

Action Floor Systems was called on to work directly with the owner and architect of the project, helping them select a variety of floor systems for different areas of the facility. Gary Zander of Action Floors met with their team to find out more about their plans and discuss options.

Lakeland Fitness & Golf consists of two levels and features an area for cardio, a stretching and training area, a walking and running track, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and other areas. Each of these spaces have different performance needs, and Zander offered a variety of flooring options for each that would be the right fit and fall within the construction budget.

In Zander’s words:

“After discussing all the options with the owner and architect, the systems we installed provided the ideal flooring for their needs and budget. While each floor system will last a long time, they also offer versatility for easy alterations, such as color additions, or other upgrades to the surfaces if they want to make any changes in the future.”

The Challenge of Construction

Often, the main challenge when installing flooring throughout a new facility is arranging an installation schedule with the other trades involved in the project. Forklift operations, fixture installations, and other construction activities can potentially cause damage to floors. To keep the flooring safe, it should be the last step completed in a project. Once the flooring is installed, fitness equipment and furnishings can move in as the facility prepares to open.

Unfortunately, projects don’t always go this way, and this was the case with Lakeland Fitness & Golf. Due to various scheduling conflicts, Zander had to coordinate multiple flooring installations among the other contractors, fitting some between various jobs with the lowest potential impact on the flooring, and completing the remainder after all other projects had finished.

Flooring is Not “One Type Fits All”

While there are some areas where crossover can occur, it’s important to understand the performance needs of each area where the flooring will be installed. Just as bowling shoes wouldn’t work well for playing basketball, a floor needs to support the activities for which it’s intended.

action herculan flooring

The upper level of the facility features a walking and running track area. To accommodate this activity and support users’ knees, ankles, and hips, Zander advised using Action Herculan MF 800. This system consists of a cushioned, shock-absorbent underlayment combined with a flexible and robust polyurethane top layer. The thicker the underlayment, the more shock absorption is possible. In this case, 26% shock absorption was recommended to accommodate the walking and running that would serve as the floor’s primary use.

flooring with shock absorption for fitness center

Herculan MF floor systems are also seamless, so they are very hygienic and easy to maintain with simple sweeping and mopping. This helps the maintenance staff keep the floor highly-functional for members.

Action 33 Blue Flooring

Adjacent to the track is a stretching and training area. For this section, Zander advised the new Action 33 Blue synthetic flooring system. With 33% shock absorption, this floor would not only provide comfort when standing on it but also be ideal for stretching in sitting and kneeling positions on the floor. The floor surface also has optimal athletic friction to avoid slipping while balancing during stretching activity.

Although this floor is connected to the track area, maintenance staff will see no disruption in their cleaning efforts between the two flooring types. Action 33 Blue is also seamless, very sanitary, and easy to clean.

fitness center with nonslip durable flooring

The lower level of the facility features a large weight room. For this area, Zander recommended using the Action Reflex system to accommodate the weight and harder wear on the floor. The Reflex system is a recycled rubber flooring ideal for the kind of wear that weights can give a floor. Whether heavy weights are sitting on the floor for extended periods or dropped from various heights, Reflex can handle the abuse without scuffing or wearing out prematurely. Its surface is also non-slip, which is also important for safety and balance when lifting weights.

action reflex flooring

Because of its rubber material, Reflex absorbs sound, which helps keeps noise from this area confined more than other hard surfaces. Cleanliness is an essential part of any gym area, and this floor is also easy to maintain and keep clean.

Action Herculan IG flooring

The flooring installed in the locker rooms and bathrooms was Action Herculan IG 400. This flooring system is seamless and nonporous, making it ideal for environments that must be clean and germ-free. Gym locker rooms are hot spots for bacteria, as shoes and clothes can bring in a variety of germs from outside. A seamless floor system that gets cleaned regularly will help keep bacteria from thriving in the locker rooms and bathrooms.

Its anti-slip surface also improves safety, as shower water can spread throughout the room, creating slippery conditions.

Because Action IG 400 is a seamless flooring system, it’s easy to maintain while ensuring proper hygiene. Unlike grouted tile, which can lose grout over time, harbor bacteria in cracks, and need more frequent maintenance, IG 400 is sanitary and long-lasting. It also has a low VOC count and is environmentally friendly, making it a healthier choice for flooring in enclosed spaces like locker rooms.

Because this facility didn’t incorporate any company logo or brand colors into its flooring, the owner selected neutral colors to help give the facility a clean, sanitary look and feel.

Completing the Vision

After completing the project, Zander stated:

“Members of Lakeland Fitness & Golf are going to love these floors for their comfort and appearance. It’s a beautiful facility, and the character of each floor system helps support the overall aesthetic. We can’t wait for them to open and for members to experience the value it will bring to their community.” 

A new construction project is complex with a lot of moving parts to keep track of. When it comes to flooring, relying on the experts at Action Floors can make the difference between “having flooring installed” and making sure that each area is aligned between functionality, aesthetics, maintenance, and the proper system. Whether you’re considering breaking ground, remodeling, or simply replacing an old floor in your facility, contact us to make sure the right type of flooring system gets installed.

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