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ActionCush II

This resilient floating sleeper floor system featuring the 3/8” Action E-Cush Pad attached to our twist and bow free laminated sleepers with the strength of Action maple flooring to create a high-profile cushioned system. This floating floor system offers shock absorption along with great air flow.

System Summary

  • System Height 2-5/8” (54mm) using 25/32” (20mm) flooring
  • Laminated sleepers
  • 3/8” Action E-Cush Pad or optional Premium AirTech Natural Rubber Pads

For specific project conditions or modifications to this specification, email us at or call us at (800) 746-3512.

ActionCush II

Option to specify Action
Hardwood Premium Sheathing (HPS)

Learn About Action HPS


System Data Sheet pdf

System Specifications pdf doc

System Detailed Drawings pdf cad

(Section 09 64 00) ActionCush II
Wood Athletic Flooring