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Case Study: Hurley School District

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How the Right Flooring Reduced Allergy Issues and Made Maintenance Easier

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Action Floor Systems® can do much more than provide schools with high quality surfaces for sports. Schools can also benefit from better flooring choices throughout the building.

As this story goes to show, the right flooring can eliminate issues to make learning easier and janitorial work more efficient.

The Problem

The 25-year-old classroom carpeting at Hurley High School in Hurley, Wisconsin, contributed to allergy-related issues for students and was difficult for the maintenance team to keep clean.

The Process

“As carpeting gets older, it’s tougher and tougher to get stuff out of it,” Chris Patritto, District Administrator explains. “Nowadays, with all of these kids dealing with allergies, the older that carpeting gets the more irritating it is for those kids. It can be a kind of breeding ground for allergens.”

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Patritto got in touch with Cory Corullo, our in-house expert on synthetic flooring, including the Action Herculan® brand. He suggested the Action Herculan® IG 400 Epoxy system as a replacement for the school’s carpeted floors, because sometimes things get messy inside a school.

Hurley Floor 1 image

Action Herculan® flooring inside the library.

“This solves the problem of the carpet holding dust and germs,” Corullo says. “The floor system can be easily cleaned in the event of body oils, vomit, or blood. This is very important in educational facilities.”

Student allergies weren’t the only challenge. The school’s maintenance team had to work extra hard to keep the carpeting as clean as possible. It was a losing battle, but our synthetic floors provided a big win, saving the school the expense of repeated carpet cleaning.

“Now, rather than spending two or three days cleaning the library carpeting, we go over it with a scrubber and it’s done,” Patritto says.

The Results

The Hurley School District replaced carpeting a few classrooms at a time over several years. For the 2016 school year, the entire building is completely free of all carpeting. Patritto expects kids will be able to focus on learning instead of allergy symptoms.

The Action Herculan® IG Series is an affordable, seamless surface that is also environmentally friendly. It is an excellent option for many commercial, retail, and institutional applications.

An added convenience is how easy it is to update floors while minimizing interruption of daily routines. For those in education, that’s especially important.

Hurley Floor 2 image

Action Herculan® flooring inside the library.

“The Action Floor Systems® synthetic products can be installed very quickly with little to no disruption of school activities,” Corullo says.

Patritto is very satisfied with the updated floors in his school.

“I can’t say enough about what Action has done for us over the years,” he says. “When you find good relationships that work, I don’t know why you’d want to mess with that.”

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If you have questions about using Action Floors products, contact us today!

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