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Case Study: California’s Yuba College

Replacing a hardwood maple basketball court sometimes reveals unknown existing conditions. Running into an unexpected issue could cause problems with project budgets or force facilities to compromise on quality.

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When the team installing a new hardwood court at Yuba College in Marysville, California removed the old floor, they discovered two big problems underneath. Correcting the problem could prove to be expensive, but the dealer turned to Action Floor Systems® for an effective and reliable solution.

The Challenge

What the dealer found under the existing flooring was a depression measuring 5-½ to 7 inches deep. The crew was expecting to see a standard 3-inch depression. Not only was the slab depression underneath the old floor deeper than assumed but, much like a bathtub, it had sloping sides as well as a gradual incline from one end to the other.

Industry standards for hardwood athletic flooring call for a slab with no more than a 1/8-inch +/- variance within a 10-foot diameter. Existing conditions in the Yuba College facility were not acceptable and would negatively impact the court unless it was addressed.

Action Floors Vice President of Domestic and International Sales Matt Lyman was working with the dealer on this project. He says this type of slab is common in the region.

“We encounter sports flooring projects with slab depression complications several times a year,” Lyman says. “One solution is to pour concrete until you get to the required replacement system depression height. The slab is leveled and you are ready to start the maple floor system installation once the concrete has cured. The problem is, the cost of this method can be prohibitive.”

Action Floors is familiar with such conditions, we already had an established alternative to remedy the situation.

The Process

Ignoring the problem was simply not an option. Lyman says the inconsistency of the slab posed a threat to Yuba College’s investment in a premium sports floor system.

“The floor would certainly have a shortened lifespan,” he explains. “The overall performance would be reduced, the floor would have poor playing chariteristics and exhibit dead spots.”

Yuba College chose the EN-certified Action PowerChannel for its gymnasium. This solid maple, anchored athletic floor is a system with factory-welded, steel-encased sleepers and 100% natural AirTech rubber pads.

Action PowerChannel sports floor system

Action PowerChannel sports floor system

When your client purchases a premium sports floor, you want to make sure they can take advantage of all the performance benefits. So, the architect, general contractor and dealer turned to Action Floors for advice.

Our factory-assembled truss system supports the floor system’s channels with a sturdy base, which is attached to blocks spaced 16 inches apart.

“The nice thing about Action Floors Systems’ solution is how strong and durable it is,” Lyman says. “We install a truss system that utilizes proven building materials and concepts. While other solutions might rely on glue and staples, our truss system ensures the floor lasts a lifetime.”

Filling the deep depression with concrete is considered the best option. In many cases, however, the facility owner doesn’t have the funds for the unexpected cost increases. Lyman estimates we saved Yuba College tens of thousands of dollars by installing the truss system to correct the inconsistent slab.

“The general contractor and architect on this project were able to go to school officials and deliver good news. Despite the issue, no major changes to the budget needed to occur. Action Floors had done this many times before and had a proven method that gave the school a great floor system.”

The Results

yuba college 49ers courtYuba College had their new hardwood maple court from Action Floors installed in 2013. Coaches and physical education instructors say they immediately noticed the difference.

“Before, you’d dribble a ball and it would stop bouncing,” says Doug Cornelius, head coach of the Yuba College 49ers men’s basketball team. “It would just fall to the floor and die. With the new floor, we get a consistent ball bounce and a great surface to play on.”

In addition to being much better for the school’s athletics program, students at Yuba College and people in the surrounding community have also benefited from the new court.

“When the gym was done, it became one of the premier places in the community and a beacon for other colleges,” says Yuba College P.E. professor Carey Lane.

Many types of facilities choose to use Action Floors products, from high schools to professional sports venues. We strive to understand their individual needs and challenges to offer the best sports flooring solutions. As was the case with this project, the dealer, architect and general contractor could rely on Action Floors as a manufacturer with extensive experience. We have the knowledge and flexibility to solve problems and deliver sports floor systems that make everyone involved proud.

View our complete line of hardwood maple sports floors as well as synthetic sports flooring and discover the right surface for your next project. Get specifications, data sheets and detailed drawings in the Architect Resources section of our website.

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