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7 Ways to Use Artificial Grass at Your Sports Facility


For many athletes, the feel of playing on grass is unmatched. But, what about when inclement weather prevents players from using outdoor spaces? Thanks to skilled sports surface manufacturers, there’s a winning solution: premium indoor turf, which performs and even looks like real grass.

Our surface is called Action Turf, designed to be soft yet durable (cleat-friendly!) and provide excellent shock absorption. It’s non-abrasive with a pleasant natural look and is simple to clean and disinfect, as Action Turf does not require any messy infill.

Indoor artificial turf is versatile, too. Read on to find out how your sports facility can provide natural feeling play for athletes of all ages with Action Turf.

Popular Applications for Synthetic Turf

Indoor Soccer

Soccer players, whether they’re beginners or pros, benefit from their sports surface having particular characteristics. Play will be improved by a field with an even mow height, a smooth overall surface to ensure the ball rolls easily and players don’t trip on divots or potholes, and enough cushion for falls (especially goalies). The surface should not be too soft, either, as athletes will want to maintain stability and control over their movements. Lastly, with players wearing cleats, the surface needs to provide traction and durability to perform under heavy play.

Action Turf is ideal for indoor soccer fields, providing an even surface that natural grass, with all its ordinary variety and texture, can’t match. Our Action Turf includes a reinforced foam cushion layer for optimal shock absorption without being too soft. With it being made of polyethylene and nylon, it’s also durable and comes with an eight-year warranty.

Strength Training

Strength and weight training, especially when done at a high level, often include heavy equipment and high traffic, such as pushing and pulling sleds. Action Turf’s non-infill, synthetic makeup helps it stand up to substantial wear and tear without damage. Its polyethylene and nylon blend also offers superior acoustics, muffling the distracting sound of metal equipment and providing a more enjoyable workout experience.

Speed and Agility Training/Plyometrics

Athletes who want more speed, power, and coordination will often pursue speed, agility, or plyometrics training like jump box and ladder drills. These high-impact, high-speed activities necessitate a sports surface with maximum traction and shock absorption to boost performance and help protect users from injury. Action Turf delivers on all those needs, as seen at the Imlay City Spartans Athletic Facility in Imlay City, Michigan.


Indoor Batting Cages and Baseball Fields

Although baseball is more often played on natural outdoor surfaces like sand and grass, when the sport is moved indoors, players swap real turf for artificial grass. However, athletes may soon discover that they prefer artificial turf over genuine grass due to its superior traction, even surface, play comfort, and simplified maintenance needs. And with a premier-quality indoor turf field like Action Turf, slipping on wet grass becomes a non-issue.

Ninja Warrior Gyms

Ninja warrior gyms and courses are growing in popularity as they appeal to the kid in all of us, offering fun and challenging obstacles that grow coordination and spatial skills. For obstacles that require the athlete to hang above the ground, the surface below needs to be soft enough to cushion falls and help prevent painful abrasions. Action Turf is a ninja warrior’s secret weapon, being both shock-absorbent and non-abrasive.

Running Tracks

If you had the choice to run on a hard, asphalt track or a soft, durable, high-traction track, wouldn’t you choose the second option? Synthetic grass solutions like Action Turf are a smart choice for running tracks as these surfaces prevent falls, protect joints thanks to superior shock absorption, and offer better performance as running cleats gain more traction on the grippy synthetic turf (vs. sneakers on asphalt).

General Fitness Rooms

As mentioned previously, Action Turf is a reliable flooring choice for indoor sports like soccer and baseball, strength and weight training, speed and agility training, and plyometrics. But what if you’re outfitting a more general purpose fitness facility with a variety of activities?

Action Turf can be installed side by side with our wide selection of synthetic sports surfaces, such as our popular Action Herculan MF, which has been used internationally for basketball courts and equipment rooms. Like Action Turf, Herculan MF is durable, highly cushioned for shock absorption, and easy to clean.

Choosing the Right Artificial Grass Turf for Your Athletic Facility

Does artificial turf sound like the right choice for your space? If so, it’s time to get in touch with our knowledgeable sports surfacing pros.

We created Action Turf to deliver on the requirements of athletes of all sports, ages, and skill levels, and we’d love to craft a flooring system that meets your goals—from the ground up. We’ll assess your users’ end goals, health and safety needs, and develop a plan that aligns with your budget and timeline.

Need something a little different for your space? Explore our wide selection of sports flooring options, including maple basketball courts and synthetic surfaces.

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