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Benefits of Vinyl Gym Flooring


For gymnasiums and multipurpose spaces of all sizes, an alternative option is vinyl gym flooring. This resilient athletic flooring can mimic hardwood for a classic gym floor look while also providing comfort and shock absorption for athletes.

Vinyl gym flooring shouldn’t be overlooked due to being synthetic versus hardwood, but there are plenty of other benefits that this flooring system provides to make it worthwhile. We discuss the attributes of incorporating vinyl gym flooring systems and the types of facilities that would best utilize this flooring system.

Vinyl sports flooring advantages


A vinyl flooring system is engineered to provide optimal point elastic sport floor characteristics, including point elastic shock absorption and comfort, optimal slide coefficient, and ball bounce.

Featuring a compact closed cell foam backing and fiberglass reinforced vinyl performance layer, Action V-Sport has an embossed PVC wear layer with a wood design covered by a transparent embossed wear layer. These qualities offer superior dimensional stability and enhanced indentation ratings.


Vinyl sports flooring caters to a variety of team sports applications including volleyball, basketball, badminton, floor hockey, group exercises, and play. Vinyl flooring systems are compatible for both athletic and non-sport applications—making it a multifunctional system.

Low maintenance

Choosing a surface such as vinyl sports flooring is more hygienic than carpeting, which gets dirtier and becomes harder to clean over time. Replacing carpets with synthetic floors will cut down on maintenance needs—vinyl floors never require refinishing or wax and are factory treated to resist mold, fungus, and bacteria. Outside of regular sweeping, vinyl sports flooring can be maintained with weekly moping to keep scratches away and sanitize the floor.

To achieve the look of hardwood, but avoid the investment required to clean and maintain wood flooring, Action V-Sport creates a similar look that requires less upkeep.



Vinyl flooring can be less expensive than other flooring options. As stated previously, vinyl doesn’t need to be resurfaced, so its lifetime cost is significantly lower than other flooring systems that require resurfacing. Compared to the alternate choices, vinyl is a lucrative way of achieving a desired look while retaining the necessary functions of a sports floor.

Recommended facilities for vinyl gym flooring

 Educational institutions

There are specific synthetic flooring systems that are perfect for classrooms with younger students. Vinyl flooring in classrooms with pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade students are ideal since the children will spend a lot of time on the floor and tend to create messy situations. As we all know, it’s much easier to clean something off a smooth floor versus a carpeted space.

Action Floors provides helpful solutions to schools as they choose to update floors by replacing old classroom carpeting with a synthetic flooring option.

Read a case study about a school district in Wisconsin that replaced carpeting to address student allergy issues.

Volleyball and basketball

Volleyball and basketball courts require proper protection for active athletes to perform their best—all while remaining in prime condition. Vinyl flooring systems meet the durability and maintenance demands for all volleyball and basketball court needs.

Action V-Sport provides an elevated underfoot comfort, making it the ideal solution for volleyball facilities and basketball arenas where athletic performance, safety, energy absorption, noise reduction, and design are required. Crafting a recurring positive experience requires a quality sports flooring system with adequate shock absorption to help protect against injuries.


The flexible and elastic properties in vinyl flooring also help the floor last longer and retain its quality after years of sporting events and activities. In addition, vinyl flooring systems are resistant to changes in temperature and humidity so it doesn’t lose its level surface due to fluctuations. Upholding this quality consistency—with a variety of aesthetic attributes—makes vinyl flooring a great solution for all multi-purpose facilities.

See how six Florida charter schools utilized Action V-Sport vinyl sheet flooring for their gymnasiums in record time.


V-Sport vinyl sheet flooring system in action

Utilizing a synthetic flooring system such as Action V-Sport can make a big difference in the performance, durability, and life of a floor system.

Action Floor Systems will evaluate your site and your customers to find the best solution for your facility goals. We have also compiled Action’s Premier System and Performance Alternatives flooring system recommendations for a variety of playing surfaces. Throughout your planning process, we will collaborate with you to identify the right system for all of your flooring needs. Connect with an expert for your next project.

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