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Sports Flooring for Recreational Camps: Finding a Single Flooring Source for Multiple Sports


America is witnessing a bit of a paradox in terms of our children’s pastimes: popularity is soaring for both video games and summer camps. In-person socializing and physical activities are managing to match the appeal of their digital and virtual counterparts. But how are traditional camps keeping up with the stimulation of video games an online play? By expanding the activities and athletic options they offer.

Today’s recreational camps have indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, activity centers and stages, and even attractions like rock climbing walls and zip lines. What a time to be a kid! (No word on whether modern campers roast crème brulée instead of marshmallows.)

As these camps evolve to compete not only with video games and other pastimes but also with similar camps, their facilities need to be in top condition for participants to enjoy. Safe, durable, multi-functional flooring systems are required for success.

This is where Action Floor Systems and our wide variety of flooring systems solutions can help. We manufacture numerous wood and synthetic flooring systems ideal for indoor and outdoor recreational camp activities. Our flooring experts can recommend the best flooring options for camp facilities and activities, helping ease project coordination for camp directors and architects. Here are some of our popular, highly durable recreational camp flooring systems.

Tennis and Pickleball Court Flooring Systems for Recreational Camps

Among the outdoor activity options of these modern camps are tennis and pickleball. Some camps are essentially home to private outdoor tennis and/or pickleball courts available exclusively to their members. Here, campers can take lessons from a camp instructor to improve their skills.

Camps-Tennis-Court-FlooringThey’ll also have access to competition with other attendees, providing an opportunity to positively broaden their skills and integrity. By taking on peers they’ve only just met—as opposed to the kids they often play back home—campers can not only sharpen their game but improve their social skills. After all, when two campers are playing a tough match, they’ll be all the likelier to keep things respectful if they’re temporary roommates at sleepaway camp.

These benefits to recreational campers’ skills and sportsmanship will only take root if the tennis courts themselves are in safe, working condition. These outdoor courts are relatively unattended during the camps’ offseasons, meaning camp directors will want to install tennis court systems and pickleball court systems that can withstand in the elements year after year with minimal maintenance.

Activity Hall Flooring for Recreational Camps

The next type of camp amenity we can help improve is a general activity hall. These versatile buildings host all manner of activities: meals, meetings, athletics, classes, or, serve as temporary seating areas for watching performances.

Action synthetic floor systems are ideal for such activity halls, able to withstand the rigors of many different uses while also providing in-floor cushioning for comfort and safety. Depending on the intended usage of a given camp’s activity hall floor, our experts will work with architects to identify the perfect flooring solution.

Gymnasium Flooring for Recreational Camps

Some of the most impressive indoor amenities offered by today’s recreational camps are the gymnasiums. These would typically be included at camps that are sports-centric, but the benefits of having a tailor-made gym are vast enough that we encourage all camps to consider installing one.

These indoor amenities provide participants with privacy and safety while developing their skills alongside new peers. And when weather conditions limit a camp’s outdoor options, a rousing game of indoor hoops will always ensure happy campers.


The challenge for camp directors is to select the proper basketball court flooring system. While this is the case with any new or resurfaced basketball court, recreational camps must especially consider:

  • With a structure as prominent as an indoor basketball court, the right flooring could be what makes this amenity a serious draw for potential registrants
  • The flooring system must be able to endure not only a period of heavy use but also, in many cases, an extended offseason in an isolated area

Action’s flooring experts are always available to help with the crucial decision of which basketball court flooring system to install, starting with a choice between hardwood floor or synthetic flooring. We also provide knowledge of the proper maintenance techniques to keep your court in tip-top condition for campers.

Recreational Camp Flooring Systems

As recreational camps expand options for activities as part of attracting new registrations, make sure your sports and activity flooring systems are reliable and safe. Action Floors manufactures an array of durable flooring systems ideal for your camp’s activities and climate.

Action Floors’ sports flooring systems offer high-quality materials and performance. Contact us to learn more about our flooring systems and how we can help your recreational camp provide the incredible experience campers and their parents want.

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