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Dealer Spotlight: Bauer Sport Floors


At Action Floor Systems, we take pride in establishing lifelong relationships with trusted dealers across the country. That’s why we are taking the time to showcase our partnerships with some of the nation’s finest sports flooring dealers in our Dealer Spotlight blog series.

Our first Dealer Spotlight features Bauer Sport Floors, a third-generation-owned sports flooring contractor serving the Texas and Louisiana markets for indoor and outdoor sports surfaces.

The relationship between the two companies dates back to the inception of Action Floors. Bauer Sport Floors was one of the first companies in our dealer network. Our relationship has continued to grow over time and we value Bauer Sport Floors not only as a partners but family as well.

Extending a Legacy of Innovative Sports Flooring Solutions

Few sports flooring companies can boast of an extensive timeline as deeply rooted in the history of our nation as Bauer Sport Floors. With more than 75 years of experience installing solid maple hardwood floors and synthetic surfaces in facilities across the country, the company is a pioneer in the industry of sports flooring.

Originally known as Bauer Flooring, the company dates back to 1941 in Michigan, when founder Joe Bauer began installing maple hardwood floors in factories during World War II. After the war ended, wood flooring began to expand from factories into post offices and institutions. As the popularity of maple hardwood in school gymnasiums began to grow, Bauer followed the market and began installing sports surfaces in schools across the Midwest.

In the mid-1960s, his son, John Bauer, took over Bauer Flooring and moved the company to Texas in pursuit of a stronger hardwood gym floor market. In 1994, the company was turned over to John Bauer’s step-son, James Kirk Van Hook, who changed the name to Bauer Sport Floors. Fifteen years later, Bauer Sport Floors expanded its territory and began servicing schools and athletic facilities in Louisiana.

Bauer Sport Floors offers a variety of surface solutions for athletic facilities, from maple hardwood to a variety of synthetic systems, including synthetic poured polyurethane flooring and several types of Action Herculan® floor systems.

The surface chosen greatly depends on performance needs, however, maple remains the most common gym floor surface used by Bauer Sport Floors’ customers.

“Our most popular systems in Texas are by far the ProAction Flex and ActionCush I systems,” notes Van Hook.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service On and Off the Court

The tools, finishes, and flooring systems have changed dramatically over the last 75 years, but at Bauer Sport Floors, one thing has remained constant: quality customer care.

“When a customer comes to us for recommendations, we take our time getting to know their expectations, including budget, anticipated uses for the floors, and the performance they are looking to achieve,” Van Hook says. “Once we understand their flooring needs, we make system suggestions based on their goals.”

action-floors-northside-event-centerIn addition to installing maple hardwood and synthetic sports surfaces, Bauer Sport Floors also provides complete sports floor packages, which include painted game lines, logos, and borders on the court.

“Every maple floor we finish is painted with game line paint and finished with either a water-based or an oil-based polyurethane sealant. Both types offer great success, although in our area, oil-based products are the most common,” Van Hook notes.

To ensure the quality of every floor installed, Bauer Sport Floors also performs maintenance and repairs to existing maple hardwood and synthetic surfaces.

“We strongly encourage athletic and facility directors to perform routine maintenance every year to make sure surfaces remain in top condition for users of all ages,” Van Hook states. “Not only do we install the highest quality of flooring, but we offer our customers expert advice on how to protect it for years of use to come.”

Action Floors is proud of our 30+ year relationship with Bauer Sport Floors. We are honored to work with them and wish them continual success in providing exceptional service and quality installations across Texas and Louisiana.

Contact Bauer Sport Floors to learn more about the products available for installation. To find a trusted dealer in your area, contact Action Floor Systems® today!

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