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Dealer Spotlight: The Final Floor

final floor and action floorsQuick quiz: check the reasons why you have a passion for sports and commercial flooring.

[  ] The opportunity to work with one of nature’s most beautiful products: solid hardwood maple.

[  ] The chance to supply synthetic flooring that thousands of people will enjoy for decades.

[  ] The challenge of determining the exact flooring system to meet each customer’s need.

The Final Floor checks all the boxes (and more). In fact, installing extraordinary flooring systems is closer to an obsession at this 26-year-old flooring leader serving all of Ohio and West Virginia as well as parts of Kentucky and Indiana.

“What sets The Final Floor apart is the dedication of our extremely well-trained workforce,” says Tony Stalford, owner of The Final Floor. “We know and explain exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how the flooring system will perform when it’s all done correctly,” he adds.

And, with more MFMA-certified installers than anyone in the country, the technical know-how obviously extends throughout The Final Floor. Their foremen average 19 years with the company. This incredible loyalty mirrors their dedication for the industry overall and the flooring systems they install.

“They know exactly what system they’re putting in and why it’s going to work for that customer’s needs,” Stalford explains.

Once It’s In Your Blood, You Can’t Shake It

“Flooring knowledge and excitement seems to get passed down from generation to generation,” says Stalford. His family is a perfect example, with flooring professionals represented throughout three generations.

Stalford’s father, Al Stalford, began working in the gym floor business in 1960, eventually starting Greendale Floors in 1980, along with his brother-in-law, Don Roberts. In April 1991, Stalford and his wife opened the doors to The Final Floor, handling both maple floors and synthetic floor systems.

His two sons, Jim (head estimator and project manager) and Chase (quality control and marketing), have been with The Final Floor for 17 and 18 years respectively. Even Stalford’s sister runs a flooring dealership, Conrad Floors (also an Action Floors dealer), in Kentucky.

Stalford believes the best flooring pros have the deepest experience. And, why shouldn’t he? He started in the flooring industry in 1976, working high school summers installing gym floors. Later, from 1980-91, he worked at Greendale Floors, moving up from sales to management and, finally, to company president.

Stalford also feels strongly about giving back to the industry, serving on the Sports Floor Contractors’ Advisory Council for the MFMA, which shares contractors’ opinions with MFMA-certified mills. Stalford’s son, Jim, serves on the MFMA Young Professionals Council.

The Final Floor also works with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) on ergonomic issues such as floor laying, sanding, and sound protection, helping to keep workers safe and improve projects at the same time.

Influencing the Industry

final floor dealer flooring exampleThe Final Floor participates with Action on AIA CEU presentation to architectural firms, providing the most recent technical information on athletic floor systems: best practices, safety, system functions, and athletic floor system performance testing criteria and application.

“We’ve presented to thousands of architects over the years. And, we update as new technology and innovation becomes available,” Stalford says. “We cover technical aspects of a gymnasium floor, including product performance and safety.”

Already the premier athletic and hardwood commercial flooring contractor in the Ohio region, The Final Floor isn’t finished growing. “From solid wood flooring to a variety of synthetic systems, we’re supremely confident in the work we provide and the floors we install. That focus on quality is evident in our water damage assessment and repair, as well as our inspections and maintenance service,” Stalford adds.

The Perfect Partnership with Action Floors

Why does The Final Floor offer maple flooring systems almost exclusively from Action Floors?

“The people. Similar to The Final Floor, Action has knowledgeable and dedicated people. And, we appreciate their honesty and open communication,” Stalford says. “As far as products, their maple is the most reliable of any we use. Plus, Action has the best subfloor systems in the market by far,” he adds.

“Customers have told me, ‘When you’re on the job site, we know if there’s an issue, it’ll be taken care of,’” Stalford adds. “A lot of our confidence going into a project comes from knowing that Action always has our back.”

“I love hearing that,” says Dave Fields, Action Floors’ sales rep for The Final Floor. “I chase down architects. Get submittals approved. Whatever it takes. The Final Floor is an extension of the Action Floors family, and seeing Tony and his crew succeed is what it’s all about,” he adds.

Are you ready to be treated like family and check all the boxes on your next project? Contact Action Floors today or call 1-800-746-3512 and connect with us.

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