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Color Chip Flooring System Maximizes Architects’ Design Options

HerculanWhen it comes to an architect’s design vision, small details can often make the biggest difference. Unique touches set your work apart and inspire clients to rave about your focus and creativity.

Flooring design is one of those unique touches. Choosing a product that’s not only functional and durable, but also aesthetically striking, thrills building owners while adding color and personality to the project.

When selecting flooring for commercial projects, you have multiple options: carpeting, vinyl composition tile, ceramic, hard wood, and various synthetics. However, one has the design versatility to match specific colors and create unique color combinations: Action Herculan® IG, the synthetic, filler coat floor system with color chip technology.action floors synthetic floor

Yet, Action Herculan IG goes beyond meeting your design vision. It’s also durable, environmental responsible, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Here are a few ways this customizable flooring option simultaneously solves challenges and adds character to commercial projects.

How color chips help YOU look good

Nailing an exact style and color can separate you from other architects. After all, a building owner relies on you to make solid recommendations. You’re the expert, and your preferred materials give you confidence to impress the owner and earn repeat business.

Action Herculan IG uses a unique epoxy process, as chips are broadcast into the flooring and sealed in. Because color chips are selected from a large color palette, you can achieve many unique looks … from company colors to accent colors to school colors.

Cory Corullo, sales manager for the Action Herculan product line, puts it this way: “Your choice of colors is virtually unlimited (with Action Herculan IG). It gives architects the opportunity to wow clients immediately, and its other attributes continue to impress for years to come.”

An easy installation makes life … well, easy

Being able to install flooring without having to evacuate the building is a huge advantage for you. Action Herculan IG is solvent-free, and its low-VOC coating helps keep excellent air quality throughout the installation process for a safer, faster, and hassle-free installation.

So, no building evacuation during installation. No disruptions. No harsh chemicals. No respirators. Very limited precautions overall.

Installation of the Action Herculan IG includes a base coat that fills in many defects on an existing surface. That self-leveling creates a flat, uniform surface, so any existing flooring issues are minimized, making renovation projects smooth. Plus, quick drying allows for a short installation cycle time, meaning the new floor surface can be used quickly.

While seamless Action Herculan IG is equally suited to new construction or renovation projects, not having to worry about air quality is especially helpful during renovations.action floors

Ideal applications for Action Herculan IG:

  • Hospitality
  • Schools
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Garages
  • Institutional

So, consider Action Herculan IG for high-traffic flooring areas that receive high attention and need to perform visually.

Unmatched durability

Seamless and nonporous, this epoxy floor has incredible wearability as well as appearance. Due to its high stain and wear resistance, Action Herculan IG performs better because it’s created better than typical 2-coat epoxy floors, which generally includes the base coat, followed by the color.

Action Herculan IG, on the other hand, uses a 3-step process: a low-VOC base coat is put down and is broadcast with color chips. Next, a clear coat is applied. At this point, an additional step of including artwork; e.g., a school’s or organization’s logo, can be applied. While a high-solvent material would dissolve a vinyl inlay, Action Herculan IG is water-based, which keeps it looking great. Lastly, the 2- to 3-day install is completed with an additional clear coat application, sealing the flooring.hurley high school

“This extra effort creates a more durable, longer lasting floor,” says Corullo. “Wear-through characteristics of the top, clear coat are unmatched, according to Taber abrasion resistance testing (DIN 53516). Plus, the floor can be recoated easily when needed, restoring it to a like-new appearance,” he adds.herculan action floors hurley

In addition, building owners and facility managers will appreciate Action Herculan IG from a maintenance perspective. Labor is reduced by not having to scrub and strip wax (vinyl composition tile or VCT), battle moldy and discolored grout (ceramic tile) or attempt to clean dirt, debris and germs (carpeting).

We respect the environment and make maximum use of raw materials by substituting them with renewable resources and recycled materials. Our efforts have been recognized by being certified NEN-EN-ISO 9001 and NEN-EN-ISO 14001, and also qualifying for Ecospecifier Global certification.

Easy on the eyes, and everything else, too

Of course, budget is always part of the equation. Action Herculan IG is a premium product and is priced competitively against similar products. Yet, when considering everything it provides—color specifications, design versatility, easy to clean, superior wear factor—the color chip system of Action Herculan IG cannot be matched by any other product in the market.

If you’d like additional information on Action Herculan IG, contact Action Floors today or call 800 746-3512. You can also visit our Architect Resource Center to find specifications and detailed drawings.

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