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Leaving Lasting Impressions through an Artistic Flooring Application

elks club flooring

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The Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks hold a long and proud history of serving and enriching its communities, and Elks Lodge 1669 based in Southington, Connecticut, is no exception. The organization calls a sprawling house built in the 1900s home. They last renovated the building in the 1970s to include a banquet hall and industrial-grade kitchen. It was time for a facelift.

After nearly 50 years, the floor in the banquet hall, which also served as a dance floor, certainly looked its age. But renovations would take time–time the Elks Lodge, which hosts local, private events such as weddings, didn’t necessarily have.

Additionally, because the location hosts many special events, board members were hesitant to consider a commercial solution that would be installed without removing the existing floor. They worried a commercial floor would feel cold and would ruin the aesthetic and atmosphere within the space.

A longtime Elks member and flooring expert, Jim Gugliotti, understood the unique requirements, specifications, and stakeholders involved in remodeling the Elks Lodge. It was because of this knowledge he recognized a mutually beneficial opportunity.

An Opportunity for Joint Success

Gugliotti understood the aesthetic and physical requirements of the floor and, as an Action Floors dealer partner at GAI Sports Floors, he knew commercial floors could meet both of these needs. So, when Action Floors announced we were considering opportunities to host the Second Annual Dealer Installation School for 2019, he recognized the chance when he saw it.

“After hearing that Action Floors was exploring different options for the annual installation school, my mind immediately thought of the Elks Lodge,” Gugliotti says. “It seemed like a natural fit that would provide the Lodge with a new floor. It was also a great educational opportunity to try a very artistic application.”

installation of synthetic floor at elks club

Gugliotti was able to show the Elks Lodge board members a commercial flooring solution that provided time and cost benefits and would also enhance the aesthetics of the space. However, that didn’t mean this project would come without challenges.

The banquet hall design featured not one or two but three styles of commercial flooring to help distinguish the dance floor from the bar area. To refresh the ambiance of the hall, the team considered ways to add color within the dance floor.

With dealers coming from all over the eastern half of the country to learn how to apply an epoxy floor artistically, there was immense pressure on this project. Nevertheless, Action Floors and GAI Sports Floors were ready to take on the challenge for Elks Lodge 1669.

Selecting the Perfect Flooring Solution(s)

The team determined that a combination of commercial flooring systems would be the best approach. Action Herculan SL Duo was ideal for the dance floor. It allowed the team to add some flair to the flooring through the blending of two colors, which made it a show-stopping dance area. This distinguished from the rest of the venue with a paint-chip border created with an Action IG 400 system. Finally, the bar area was complete with a solid-colored Action SL Ultra system, chosen because of its durability. Bar areas often have a lot of traffic, so the Elks Lodge needed a floor that could handle the job.

synthetic flooring for bars

“Beyond the artistic capabilities, the synthetic floor systems offer a variety of benefits for an event space like the Elks Lodge,” Cory Corullo, sales manager for the Action Herculan product line, explains. “The durable flooring can stand up to frequent traffic, spills, and moving chairs and tables.”

These systems also provided the Elks Lodge with ease of maintenance and chemical resistance from any cleaning products.

Because the Action Herculan products emit low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) the team did not need to use respirators during the installation. And there was no need to evacuate the space because of fumes. Gugliotti estimates it saved the Elks Lodge at least a week of down-time during which special events would have to have been canceled or postponed. The financial benefits of encapsulation were invaluable to the Elks.

“We estimated that the Elks Lodge saved nearly $20,000 by going over the existing flooring and encapsulating it with Action Floors’ synthetic systems,” Gugliotti shares. “For an organization that is dedicated to charity and giving back to the community, this is huge; so much good can be done with those funds.”

Applying the Art

Finally, after more than seven months of planning, the 2019 Action Floors’ Dealer Installation School arrived. With it came the pressures to perform.

“Because the swirl design is integrated into the flooring as the epoxy gets poured, the flooring installer becomes an artist,” Corullo explains.

For some, this could have created a high-intensity situation. But for Gugliotti and the other Action Floors’ partner dealers, it provided a fun and engaging opportunity to learn a new technique and collaborate and connect with other flooring professionals. The thing that stuck out to Gugliotti the most? The other dealers showed a genuine interest in the Elks Club and their work in the community.

“We have an Elks Club flag on display in the Lodge, and it features our logo in the middle,” Gugliotti says. “I received so many questions from other dealers about the Elks Club and our mission throughout the four-day training sessions. I was impressed with the level of engagement and respect everyone showed the Elks Lodge.”

And the Southington Elks Lodge board members? Were they impressed?

finished flooring at commercial building elks club

“Any doubts anyone had about using a synthetic flooring system were gone once they saw the finished product,” Gugliotti shares. “Everyone loves the floor; it looks great and performs great.”

The Southington Elks Lodge 1669 project exemplifies Action Floors’ dedication to serving our customers and educating our dealers. We are committed to finding new and unique solutions that meet all your needs.

At Action Floors, we always take the time to listen and create solutions that meet a facility’s end goals. If you would like to discuss specialized flooring solutions, contact us online, or call 800-746-3512.

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