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3 Reasons to Specify Hardwood Premium Sheathing for Sports Floors

HPS for sports flooringA beautiful hardwood maple sports floor will be the star of any athletic facility. Yet, what’s found in between the flooring and the concrete slab makes a noticeable difference. Failing to use high-quality subflooring materials could result in a gymnasium floor that needs additional maintenance, provides less-than-desirable performance, and has a shorter-than-expected life cycle.

At Action Floor Systems®, we offer the option to specify Hardwood Premium Sheathing (HPS) over typical plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). HPS is easy to install and delivers a superior subfloor that’s designed to stand up to all the intense activity that takes place in a gym. Here are just a few reasons to choose HPS for your next sports flooring project.

1. Superior Rigidity and Uniformity

Action Floors’ HPS is high performance sheathing that is manufactured entirely from hardwood strand creating a superior, high-quality sheathing.  Most subfloor plywood and OSB sheathing products are produced from softwood.

During manufacturing of HPS, ultrasonic scanners monitor for any voids or defects in the sheathing, and defective sheets are removed ensuring a superior finished product for a stronger, more consistent subfloor. HPS meets or exceeds all APA performance standards set for 15/32” or 23/32” thick sheathing – the same as comparable plywood panels –  and HPS panels are APA stamped confirming quality and performance.

2. Strength and Consistency

Inconsistencies in the subfloor can be the result of voids or delamination in the subfloor sheathing. This causes disproportions, which will have a negative impact on the uniformity of the sports floor.

A subfloor constructed with HPS is built to last. That’s because of the strict standards used for quality control during manufacturing. HPS panels deliver consistent uniformity and density because boards with voids are pulled out and not used.

Another added benefit of HPS is that the panels are manufactured slightly over 15/32” and then lightly sanded on one face, which results in a 15/32” thickness. The uniform thickness of HPS adds to the consistency, playability, and performance of the floor system. Plywood has a tendency to bow and twist in the field. These imperfections lead to additional installation time and materials for the installer. The consistent uniformity of HPS improves installation time and reduces material waste.

3. Improved Playability

Athletic directors, coaches, and athletes appreciate a hardwood gym floor with optimal performance features, including shock absorption, ball rebound, and deflection.

A subfloor built with HPS means athletes can expect a more consistent and dependable experience, no matter where they plant a foot or bounce a ball. HPS maximizes sports floor performance. The uniform thickness of HPS adds to the consistence, playability, and performance of the floor system.

Sustainable Hardwood Premium Sheathing from Action Floors

Since HPS is made with hardwood, it is an ideal match for our maple sports floors, which are manufactured with lumber from sustainable forestry harvesting practices.

HPS from Action Floors also uses no-urea-formaldehyde resins, which classify HPS as Low-Emitting Material Composite Wood. Decisions like this are part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, which means your project has the best opportunity for acquiring valuable LEED credits.

Action Floors is the only MFMA-accredited mill certified as a Carbon Negative provider. We also developed the third-party-verifiable “SCORES” criteria to make sure our company remains focused on minimizing environmental impact during manufacturing. Our “SCORES” Card is a tool that supports architects, contractors, and end-users in evaluating the sustainability of sports flooring projects.

Learn more about Hardwood Premium Sheathing and download detailed specifications. You can also visit our Architects Resource section to find system specifications, data sheets, and detailed drawings for all our exclusive hardwood and synthetic flooring systems.

Have specific questions? Contact Action Floors today or call 800-746-3512.

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