What Does It Mean to Be Carbon Negative Certified?

From reducing waste to conserving energy, encouraging sustainable efforts helps us maintain our quality of life. Companies across the globe are going green and incorporating sustainability into their business plans to achieve more by using less. According to the World Green Building Trends Report for 2016, the percentage of fi­rms expecting to have more than… Read more

3 Reasons to Specify Hardwood Premium Sheathing for Sports Floors

A beautiful hardwood maple sports floor will be the star of any athletic facility. Yet, what’s found in between the flooring and the concrete slab makes a noticeable difference. Failing to use high-quality subflooring materials could result in a gymnasium floor that needs additional maintenance, provides less-than-desirable performance, and has a shorter-than-expected life cycle. At… Read more

Dealer Spotlight: The Final Floor

Quick quiz: check the reasons why you have a passion for sports and commercial flooring. [  ] The opportunity to work with one of nature’s most beautiful products: solid hardwood maple. [  ] The chance to supply synthetic flooring that thousands of people will enjoy for decades. [  ] The challenge of determining the exact… Read more

Project Management Tips for Replacing a School Gymnasium Floor

Athletic directors spend a lot of time managing sports programs, coordinating events, and working on budgets. But, when a major sports-related development like a gymnasium remodel lands on your plate, things can quickly become confusing and complicated. An undertaking like this may only happen once during a facility manager or athletic director’s career, so it’s… Read more

Dealer Spotlight: Southern Flooring

The story behind Southern Flooring is the classic American Dream come true, in which hard work, perseverance, and ingenuity pay off, ending in a successful, family-run business that gets passed down through the generations. Of course, this story may have less to do with America than it does the Counihan family. We spoke with owner,… Read more