Specifying a Dance Floor | How Architects Can Help Clients Choose

The worlds of basketball and dance may seem far removed, but when it comes to the floors that dancers and players use, the floor system needs to provide many comparable athletic or performance features. While we tend to think of dancers as performance artists and basketball players as athletes, the truth is both of these… Read more

Dealer Spotlight: Bauer Sport Floors

At Action Floor Systems, we take pride in establishing lifelong relationships with trusted dealers across the country. That’s why we are taking the time to showcase our partnerships with some of the nation’s finest sports flooring dealers in our Dealer Spotlight blog series. Our first Dealer Spotlight features Bauer Sport Floors, a third-generation-owned sports flooring… Read more

8 Questions to Expect When Choosing a New Hardwood Sports Floor

Whether you’re a facilities manager at a large arena or the athletic director of a high school, purchasing sports flooring is a major investment involving big decisions. When it comes time to make plans for a new maple hardwood court, you’re going to get some questions from architects, contractors and flooring dealers. Plus, you’ll likely… Read more